Supporting the Full Document Lifecycle

Unlike point solutions, Encapture is designed to provide an end-to-end platform for your enterprise’s document processing needs. By combining next-gen machine learning, pre-built libraries, and easy-to-configure workflows, Encapture can quickly automate any process.

Capture Documents

Easily collect and request documents from anyone across any channel, including an online portal, the third-party site, email, mobile, or scanned from a physical device.

Identify Document Types

Encapture uses advanced AI to automatically match documents with our library of thousands of known document types. The system gets smarter over time, and it’s easy to add new document types.

Discover and Extract Data

Encapture can recognize important information, even in highly unstructured formats like handwriting and long paragraphs. The system structures the data and integrates it into key systems to eliminate manual data entry.

Validate Data

Perform complex calculations and identify inconsistent data. Flag issues for human review and makes it easy to request additional information.

Manage Exceptions

Empower human reviewers to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues at the field level. Encapture’s AI can use human-provided feedback to improve its accuracy over time.

Synchronize Systems

Reconcile and integrate data between various systems to eliminate errors and compliance risks.


Build and manage powerful document-centric workflows across the entire enterprise, all without writing code.

Monitor Efficiency

Understand how your teams, workflows, and ML models perform over time.

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Stay in Sync

Our robust APIs make it simple to integrate with the tools you use today and fit the way you do business. No need to replace your entire tech stack or re-engineer standard processes.