About Encapture

We’re changing the way the world works.

For over 20 years, we’ve had a singular focus on bringing intelligent automation to banks and lenders so they can spend more time on what matters most: taking care of their customers. We tend to build long-term relationships with our users and hope they say that we’re thoughtful, easy to work with, and drive meaningful results in their businesses.

Our Core Values

Finish In Third Place

Life is about putting others ahead of yourself. We ensure our customers win and our colleagues receive the credit. Humility is the backbone of our company.

Take Ownership

We are all responsible for the success of our customers and our company. What we do, we do well. We love diving into challenging situations and never say, “That’s not my job”.

Build Community

Our best and most creative work is done in a highly collaborative environment. We care about the people around us and work well with others. More importantly, our sense of community goes beyond the office; our families, friends, and neighbors are part of it too.

Our Leadership Team

Empowering all Team Members To Focus on What Matters


Will Robinson


“I love the moment when a customer first realizes the power of Encapture and the impact of automation in their business. Their eyes light up as they brainstorm all the ways Encapture can help. It’s magical.”


Tyler Barron


"Our goal is to create value for our customers by understanding their business challenges and providing a process to ensure that their ROI is realized. We take pride in creating lifetime customers and providing an experience that is second to none!"


Dave Davidson


“It’s so rewarding to build a platform that solves real-world business problems in such a simple, elegant way. We constantly challenge ourselves to “uncomplicate” the automation experience for our users.”