Transform your mortgage operations
Transform your mortgage operations

Best in class lenders are creating a competitive edge in today’s challenging labor market by handling loans efficiently with intelligent automation.

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Encapture increases efficiency across the entire lending team, creating confidence that your documents are secure, verified, and in the right place.
Front Office
Front Office<
  • Spend more time with borrowers

    Eliminate loan officer busywork chasing down documents
    Capture all your documents regardless of their source
    Automatically validate and request updates for invalid documents
    Free up times for loan officers to spend more time with borrowers

  • Integrate your systems

    Automatically process documents in Blend and your LOS, recording data in an efficient downstream manner
    Encapture immediately kickbacks errors for manual updates, eliminating downtime
    Documents that don’t come in through Blend can be verified and automated with Encapture
    Auto validate documents for clean and consistent data in Encompass

  • Empower a superior borrower experience

    Improve responsiveness and transparency for your borrowers through instant feedback on submitted documents
    Shorten loan turn times and speed up funding by recognizing invalid documents immediately
    Allow borrowers to share documents in whatever way they want with Encapture’s multi-faceted document collection

Back Office
Back Office<
  • No more stare-and-compare

    Automatically compare documents and extra data into key systems like your LOS
    Checks for initials, signatures, notary stamps, and keep your LOS in sync
    Cut your 15-minute loan review process to 2 minutes

  • Manage by exception

    Automated checklists minimize the need for high experience and shorten your list of manual checkpoints
    Encapture mimics a QC loan processors checklist, validating documents in real time
    Allow processors to focus on exceptions instead of every data point and minimize the time of task per loan file

  • Say goodbye to errors and inefficiencies

    Machine learning ensures documents get saved to the right place in the loan file
    Address more loans by increasing team efficiency by 35%
    QC times are 5X more efficient when they aren’t gathering documents and manually entering data into systems

  • Airtight data quality

    Put your documents in sync across all platforms to ensure data consistency
    Eliminate data entry errors and provide audit history to simplify HMDA

  • Get ahead of compliance

    Skip the seasonal frenzy of HMDA and stop taking away valuable resources
    Automatically extract key data from loan packages and compare it to LAR
    100% of loans are reviewed to ensure accurate systems of record

  • Eliminate risk

    Data quality is maintained in real-time with no heavy backload when annual compliance reviews are required
    Increase lender satisfaction by removing tedious tasks in the application process
    Peace of mind for your team that compliance issues are eliminated with high data quality