Transform your auto lending operations

Increase profitability and originate, service, and collect loans efficiently with intelligent automation.

SVP of Enterprise Technology at Truist:

“I truly believe we could not have launched this in less than six months without the responsive and dependable support Encapture provided.”

Development and Sourcing

Ensure quality and compliance

• Collect and extract data from missing documents from the borrower or dealer

• Auto-validate documents at the first point of touch

• Provide document audit trail with time stamps & chain of custody

Create more bandwidth

• Auto-compare & auto-calculate data from RIC & trailing documents

• Synchronize data across your systems of record and funding platform

• Eliminate costs and quality issues associated with outsourced processing services

• Increase lending capacity without adding additional headcount

Cut processing time

• Reduce contract processing time by 90% to less than one minute

• Repurpose or eliminate staff required for data entry

• Achieve auto-funding for the majority of contracts

Funding Operations

Automate document processing

• Quickly implement using our no-code document library

• Eliminate IT maintenance costs

• Reduce exception review queue time by 85% to less than 2 mins per loan

Generate time and cost savings across the whole team

• Reduce time on task to eliminate future FTE needs as you grow

• Reduce outsourced vendor contracts by 50% across a paper

• Decrease error rates and ensure better compliance

Enable a word-class operations team

• Utilize exception queue for training and development of staff

• Enable your best staff to focus on high priority and strategic tasks

• Create dashboards to track your most important KPIs

Sales and Dealership

Decrease error rates on invalid or missing data within a deal jacket

• Reduce exception queue review times from 15-20 mins to under 3 mins per loan

• Eliminate manual indexing by outsourced vendors

• Increase efficiency within Direct to Consumer channel

Create tighter document controls

• Auto-request missing docs from dealerships

• Future-proof business by readying for an increase in e-contracting

• Support future growth in the direct-to-consumer channel

Increase customer satisfaction

• Fund contracts same day

• Enable dealers to send a contract and ancillary docs via the preferred channel

• Increase coverage map to include auto, RV, and marine products