Eliminate manual data scrubbing for CRA, HMDA and 1071

• Ensure data integrity and identify errors before reports are created
• Use automation to avoid having to hire compliance staff for the new data collection requirements
• Prepare your data processes for increasing regulatory requirements as your bank or fintech grows

Chief Compliance Officer at Prosperity Bank:

“Encapture has helped us streamline and cut the number of touches and number of people needed in our HMDA process.”

Automate your compliance data reporting


  • Ever-changing laws and increasing regulatory pressures
  • Market challenges around labor shortages & internal pressures
    to reduce costs
  • Teams get stuck & waste time on low-value tasks (like finding
    errors) instead of fixing the errors & improving processes
  • Encapture's Solution

  • Easily apply OCR and ML to structured and unstructured
    documents for changing regulatory reporting
  • Automation ensures accuracy and reduces costs 

    by minimizing human intervention
  • Predictability and scalability of operations eliminates

    recruiting costs and pains
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