Collect and direct your flood of documents into one powerful path

Extremely flexible and incredibly intuitive, Encapture is designed to help you manage your inflow of documents from anywhere. Eliminate the need for multiple people handling documents or convoluted workarounds so that your employees can focus on the important tasks.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Capture content at its first touchpoint.


Grab attachments right from Outlook.


Upload from your file folders or hook up a local scanner.

Multi-function device

Scan docs quickly and securely, straight into your workflows.


Snap a photo from your device and let Encapture take it from there.

Third party apps

Embed Encapture in your current CRM or ERP.


Let Encapture watch your fax machine or generic email inbox for inbound documents.


Receive docs from a customer-facing web portal.


Integrate Encapture with anything thanks to our robust API.

Learn how emerging players are using groundbreaking capabilities to compete with legacy brands.

Need advanced functionality for reviewing documents?

There’s an app for that, too.

Encapture Expert streamlines your central processing operations and is perfect for complex or high-volume workloads.

Optimized interface with full keyboard shortcuts

Advanced image processing capabilities

Point & Shoot text recognition for difficult-to-read documents

Multiple configurations to route suspicious content for review

More great features to take control of your content

Multiple formats

Upload any file type, regardless of format or size.

Content editing

Split files, remove blank pages, sharpen unclear images, and more.


Ask for documents that are required but haven’t been submitted.


Use tags to categorize documents, trigger workflows, and easily search and filter.


Identify and read barcodes on standardized forms.

Key data

Pull critical info from documents to deliver to third-party systems.

Content storage

Send the document to the right repository automatically.

Data validation

Double-check system data for consistency against source files.


Ensure data stays protected through the entire journey with in-flight and at-rest encryption.

Curious to see how Encapture can boost your document efficiency?