Run a tight ship with Studio

Studio allows you to control how you process your documents, all without writing code. Our machine learning tools automatically understand what types of documents you’ve received and can pull out meaningful information, which means your employees spend less time on tedious and boring data entry.



Orchestrator is the command center that makes it easy to create rules that govern how, when, and where to send documents. Track every step of your process and gain complete visibility into all entry points within your company.

You can centrally manage all your printers and scanners, and easily integrate with third-party systems like your repository or ERP. And yes, we’ve designed it so that business people can learn the ropes without writing code.


Build advanced workflows for any business process

Learn how emerging players are using groundbreaking capabilities to compete with legacy brands.

Machine Learning

Create custom models to automatically classify documents and extract important data

Companies waste massive amounts of time and resources sorting through documents. Encapture can automate routine work with minimal human involvement.

Our advanced ML tools require no coding expertise and provide real-time feedback, so you can update your models on the fly. Quickly add in new document types and review problematic documents to improve the model’s performance.

See how this lender saved 70% on overhead costs by automatically classifying mortgage documents

Encapture monitors all ongoing transactions, like how many documents are processed daily and requests that have yet to be fulfilled. Spot errors and issues as soon as they happen so you can quickly get back to smooth sailing.


Access real-time data for all your activity

Curious to see how Encapture can boost your document efficiency?