Seal the deal with Requests

Stop wasting time tracking down missing documents. Give your customers and employees a secure web portal to submit documents, check progress, and provide better service. Encapture is an easier way to provide a digital-first customer experience.

Be proactive and efficient when collecting documents

Quickly see the status of all outstanding document requests

Prioritize outreach on the most time-sensitive items

Track activity on when a document was last submitted

Encapture Software Resend Request

Empower employees to provide a great customer experience

Know real-time status of requested docs

Easily ask for new document types

Automate reminders for outstanding requests

Give your customers greater control and visibility

Allow customers to submit docs through your own web portal

Provide transparency around document status

Create an easy, secure, digital-first customer experience

Encapture Software Upload Documents

Learn how a multi-state bank used Requests during COVID-19 to maintain high-quality customer service

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