We’ve been hard at work on Encapture these past few months and are excited to share the latest updates with you. Some pretty big changes are coming with this release (v4.5) that add a ton of value for our customers. Let’s dive in:

Key Updates


This new product transforms the customer experience around submitting documents as part of a workflow (like new account openings or mortgage applications). With Requests, an employee can ask a customer to submit documents via a web portal where all required outstanding items can be viewed. Requests solves every businesses major pain – no more chasing down missing documents or asking a customer for the same thing twice!

Advanced Extraction

We now have 7 different techniques to pull data out of documents, including key-value pairs and entity extraction. Coupled with Classification, we can reliably automate the processing of even the most complicated unstructured documents, solving tons of tedious issues.

Integration with Third-Party Machine Learning Tools

We believe the world of machine learning (ML) is improving at a rapid pace and that organizations need access to multiple ML tools for different use cases. Most capture companies want you to use their own ML tools, and while we think Encapture’s ML tools are pretty easy to use, we also want to enable you to use other solutions as well. So, we created the ability to hook up Encapture to any document processing system, like Parascript for handwriting recognition. We’re also busy integrating with IBM and Amazon’s ML products as well.

More Flexible Capture Workflow

We updated Orchestrator, our batch processing configuration tool, to handle double-blind reviews and multiple escalation points, as well as to deliver content to multiple systems (like both a repository and workflow tool). We also added more advanced configuration for business rules to handle complex situations without the need to write custom code.

Back-end Modernization

Our team migrated our all our legacy code to 100% .NET Core, as well as upgrade from SOAP to RESTful web services. This change reduces our footprint and allows for easier integrations, deployments, and upgrades on any operating system – especially in the cloud.

As you can tell, we’ve made substantial improvements in our latest release. Our product team has a pretty aggressive roadmap ahead for 2020 and beyond, including a complete redesign of our UI.

Our vision for Encapture is to free our customers to focus on the meaningful part of their jobs and not worry about handling documents. If you’d like to learn more, we’re here to help.

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